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Solar flaring activity was at low levels, with a series of B class flares
from region NOAA 2871, which is situated in the SE. Two unnumbered regions,
of beta configuration are in North and NE . Solar activity is expected to
remain at low levels, with a possibility of C class flares.

A filament eruption was observed in the South East on Aug 19 about 12:58UT,
accompanied by a slow CME. Due to its location any impact is not expected
to have significant effect.

The greater than 10 MeV proton flux was at background levels in the past 24
hours, and is expected to stay at nominal levels in the next 24 hours. The
greater than 2 MeV electron flux remained below the 1000 pfu alert
threshold, while the 24h electron fluence was at nominal levels over the
past 24 hours. Over the next 24 hours they are expected to remain at those

Over the past 24 hours the solar wind speed was in the slow regime, varying
between 295 to 350 km/s. The total magnetic field strength had values
between 1 and 5 nT, while its Bz component varied between -3 and 4 nT. The
interplanetary magnetic field phi angle was predominantly on the negative
sector (directed towards the Sun), varying to the positive since Sep 20
07:00UT. This could indicate the influence of the beginning of the
influence of the high speed stream of the positive coronal holes present in
NW and SW. A negative Coronal Hole is about to cross the Central Meridian.
Its effects can be expected at about Sep 23-24. Over the next 24 hours,
solar wind conditions continue at about those levels, possibly slightly

Geomagnetic conditions were at quiet to unsettled levels (NOAA Kp 0-1 and K
Dourbes 0-2) over the past 24 hours. Quiet to unsettled conditions are
expected over the next 24 hours.

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